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Wrestling With Demons: Fighting the Battlefield of the Mind After Betrayal

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Wrestling With Demons: Fighting the Battlefield of the Mind After Betrayal

Rusty and Heather discuss the unseen battles that rage within the minds of both the betrayed and the betrayer. They shed light on the demons of doubt, fear, and guilt that flood the mind after marriage trauma.

This episode explores the haunting questions that linger in the aftermath of betrayal. Rusty and Heather tackle the heart-wrenching quest for answers, the painful process of piecing together shattered trust, and the relentless struggle against triggers that threaten to reopen wounds.

Drawing from personal experiences, they offer practical strategies for overcoming the inner demons that often accompany betrayal.

Whether you find yourself on the side of the betrayed or the betrayer, this episode is a source of encouragement, understanding, and practical guidance for reclaiming the battleground of your mind.

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