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The Redeemed Marriage Summer Series

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Welcome to The Redeemed Marriage podcast’s Summer Series, where Rusty and Heather answer your questions!

Simply submit your question using the form on this page. If we choose yours to discuss on our podcast, you’ll win some awesome Redeemed Marriage SWAG.

But wait, there’s more! Every submission automatically enters you for a chance to win our grand prize—a double date with Rusty and Heather!

That’s right, we’ll come to you wherever you live for a fun double date with you and your spouse. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to engage with us and possibly win big this summer!

How to participate

  • Submit your question via the form below
  • Have a chance to get your question answered on the podcast
  • If we answer your question on the podcast, we'll mail you some SWAG
  • Get entered into a drawing to win a date night with Rusty & Heather

Ask your question

Ask a Question - Summer Series 2024


  • Why do I have to submit my mailing address?

    If we choose your question to discuss on the podcast, we want to send you some cool SWAG from The Redeemed Marriage.

  • Will my name be used if my question is chosen for the podcast?

    No! Everyone will remain anonymous, although we will probably say what city, state, or country you are from.

  • Do I have to be entered into the drawing for a double date with Rusty and Heather (what if they are crazy)?

    Absolutely not! There is a place on the form where you can opt out of the grand prize drawing. It will only hurt our feelings a little…just kidding.

  • If I win the double date grand prize, will it cost me anything?

    Definitely not! We will pay for our own travel, accommodations, and even the date!

  • What if I live in another country besides the USA?

    We still want you to submit your question and if we discuss your question on our podcast we will do our best to send you the SWAG that you won (assuming it won’t cost us a small fortune). Unfortunately, we probably don’t have the funds to visit another country for a double date at this time.

  • Can I submit more than one question?

    For sure! That will help your chances to win SWAG because we might choose one of your questions, but you will only be entered into the grand prize drawing once.