The Redeemed Marriage Podcast

The Redeemed Marriage Podcast

Rusty and Heather Bryant discuss ways to encourage healthy marriages, strengthen wounded marriages, and begin the process of restoration to broken marriages.

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Lies We Believe About Marriage (Part 2)

March 20, 2023

"You complete me.""You make me whole.""I'll give 50%; you give 50%; together we give 100%."Sorry...but all of these are lies that we often believe about marriage. Rusty and Heather discuss the truth and reality behind these …

Lies We Believe About Marriage (Part 1)

March 6, 2023

If your spouse really loves you, they should know what you want and need...right? In this episode, Rusty and Heather discuss why married couples often believe this lie, and how to avoid falling into the resulting resentment …

Don’t Throw Away A Broken Marriage

Feb. 27, 2023

We live in a world where we throw broken things away rather than try to fix them. We are also always looking to upgrade and improve what we already have. Rusty and Heather discuss fighting for your marriage, rather than thro…

What Women Really Want(ed) For Valentine’s Day

Feb. 20, 2023

February 14 has come and gone once again, but, let's be honest...most women would like to celebrate Valentine's Day throughout the year. However, do we even know what women really want for Valentine's Day? Rusty and Heather …

What Men Really Want For Valentine’s Day

Feb. 13, 2023

On the eve of Valentine's Day, Rusty and Heather discuss what men really want from their wives...not just on the special day of love, but throughout the year. From honor and respect, to flirting and sex, hear about the desir…

Praying Through Pain In Marriage

Feb. 6, 2023

Rusty and Heather have personally witnessed the power of prayer in their own lives - from the miraculous healing of their marriage after an affair, to Heather's miraculous healing of cancer. They are now committed to praying…

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