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Marriage & Relationship Coaching for Couples

If you are willing to let God do a miracle in your relationship, marriage coaching is for you.

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Believe for it

You can have the marriage you've always wanted. 

If you're tired of getting nowhere on your own, Marriage Coaching can give you the outside perspective you need to spark change.

Think About It

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Your best efforts have taken you as far as you can go alone. The same thinking and behavior that wounded your relationship won't be the thinking and behavior that turns things around. Borrow wisdom from a redeemed couple, and learn how to change, grow, and heal together.


What couples are saying

You’re not the only couple who has been wounded by betrayal or infidelity. Your story doesn’t have to end there. There is a path forward. We are living proof!

Couples are finding hope and freedom as they walk out their own healing journeys.

    "I was nervous about our first zoom meeting but Rusty and Heather put us both at ease very quickly. We even enjoyed ourselves! They understand what we have been going through and that is exactly what we needed.”

    “Marriage coaching with Rusty and Heather has been so crucial in our healing process. It is so nice to walk through something like this with a couple who has been through this already. They are an inspiration and give us hope. They speak truth into us and remind us of God's power to do great things in our marriage.”

    "We have loved working with Rusty and Heather. They are so honest about their experience, and they make us feel less alone. They feel like close friends!"

    "Rusty and Heather are awesome and have helped us tremendously. They’re a great team together and have impacted our marriage by speaking truth graciously when we needed it most. Highly recommend them 10/10!"

    "The marriage coaching experience with Rusty and Heather came at a perfect time in our recovery. Being able to listen to another couple that has been through what we're attempting to navigate and have them shed solid advice and guidance upon us provides the hope we need."

    "Rusty & Heather speak truth into the situation because they've been there themselves and it's good to see what our marriage can become if we put in the work to move forward together. They speak to God's grace and power to know redemption in our marriage can occur as long as you believe."

    "Having Rusty and Heather join us in our recovery journey has been a blessing. The coaching sessions have been both helpful and hopeful. They are gracious in their willingness to use their story to guide us with the help of God toward the healing and redemption that they experienced in their marriage."

Get Started

Taking the first step towards Marriage Coaching is easy

It's super simple. Fill out the form so we can learn more about you, and we will be in touch.

  1. Click the button below

    It takes you to a brief form where you can give us a little information about you and your marriage.

  2. Complete the informational form

    Your answers will help us as we respond to you in the next few days.

  3. Schedule your sessions

    We'll invite you to schedule your free initial session that requires no further commitment.

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Two Options

Choose Your Track

We customize each session to allow for questions and discussion on specific topics that a couple is dealing with. These are the two main tracks we use in our coaching practice: 

Cost of Coaching

Marriage Coaching Pricing

The initial session is a no cost, no obligation, 45-minute Zoom meeting to determine if we are a good fit for you, and if you would like to commit to our marriage coaching.

It also gives us an opportunity to honestly evaluate if we are comfortable coaching you or if we should recommend something different for you. In this session we get to know each other and explain some of the details of our marriage coaching before we move forward.

If we're a fit to work together, you commit to 4 sessions that will be paid up front ($250) prior to the first meeting.

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  • Follow-up Session

    per session

    All sessions are 1 hour-long Zoom calls.

    • Pay per session

    • After the completion of your 4 sessions, you have the option of scheduling continued follow-up sessions as needed.

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We can't wait to see what God does in your marriage!

We hope our story can be the "proof it's possible" for God to heal a broken marriage and put it back together - better than it was before.
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