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Throwing the Challenge Flag: Navigating Red Flags in Marriage

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Throwing the Challenge Flag: Navigating Red Flags in Marriage

Join Rusty and Heather as they discuss the sensitive topic of addressing red flags in your marriage. Drawing from their own story of unfaithfulness, they offer invaluable guidance on how and when to approach your spouse when you notice warning signs that leave you feeling uneasy.

In this candid discussion, Heather shares her journey of dealing with red flags that ultimately led to infidelity. Together, they explore the dangers of both addressing and ignoring these warning signs, highlighting the importance of open communication and trust in a healthy marriage.

Tune in as Rusty and Heather provide practical advice on how to “throw the challenge flag” in your marriage, encouraging listeners to navigate difficult conversations with love, respect, and a commitment to building a stronger relationship. Whether you’re facing doubts, insecurities, or suspicions, this episode offers valuable strategies for addressing concerns with your spouse.

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