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I’m Not Attracted To My Spouse Anymore – Full Version

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I’m Not Attracted To My Spouse Anymore - Full Version

We had some technical difficulty with this episode. When the episode originally uploaded, it abruptly cut off after 21 minutes. We updated it, but some of our users had already downloaded the short version. The best part was after it cut off! So, we decided to just create a “new” episode with the full 34 minutes. Here you go!


Most relationships begin with two people being attracted to each other physically. As the years go on, the physical attraction may fade for lots of different reasons. Rusty and Heather discuss reasons why couples may lose their physical (and even emotional) attraction to each other, and ways to shift your thinking to regain the attraction you once had. Believe it or not, you can have an even richer and deeper attraction as the clock ticks on.

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