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Practical and easy to listen to

You do not have to have gone through or be in the midst of a marriage crisis to benefit from this podcast. These podcast episodes are packed with wisdom. Marriage is hard no matter your situation, so glean from their wisdom. It will make for great conversations with your spouse, and it’s also a plus that the episodes are short. 😁

My husband and I listen together

Thank you Rusty and Heather for sharing your marriage with the world. My husband and I have been listening for a couple months together and it has been so comforting and hopeful. Almost no one talks about surviving infidelity, and so those of navigating that road feel alone. Thank you for being brave enough to share such a difficult subject and history with us!

Literally a God send

I am so thankful I found this podcast - funny thing is, this is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. It was definitely placed in front of me by God. I went a little out of order and started with season 2 because that’s what I needed most. Then I went back and started over. I don’t listen every day and sometimes I’ll listen to several episodes at one time. Each time I feel like it was the perfect timing for what I needed at that moment. Thank you Rusty and Heather!

So real, authentic and supportive

I have found these podcasts to be so encouraging while in the valley. You both are so genuine and honest, pointing to Christ and hope for all marriages. Your message is encouraging and your knowledge is always so helpful. There are no teases, you give real insight and wisdom and resources. Thank you!


If you want a real, transparent look at a broken couple that prayed for and asked and allowed God to save their marriage - this is the podcast for you!

Great content!

I found your podcast a few months ago, my husband and I are really enjoying listening. We have been applying your advice and our communication with each other is the best it’s been in our 15 year marriage. Thank you and we look forward to listening every week!

Beauty from ashes

Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and sharing your story! It has encouraged me and has given me hope that God can redeem what was lost and what could have been. God will not waste our pain. Blessings Byrant’s!

Such an inspiration

My husband and I are only halfway through these episodes but it is helping us soooo much. Thank you all for stepping out and doing this! You touch lives as well as sow seeds. God bless you both!

I feel prepared

I love listening to Heather and Rusty! Although I may not be in a marriage crisis at this moment, it has given me words that are tools to keep our marriage growing in a healthy way. I love the Home Alone episode when they discussed that Kevin was aware of the bad guys plans (the devil) and started preparing his house and started defending his home before they even got in the door. That’s what this podcast has given me. Preparedness. And I just love their genuineness.


So thankful to find people who have survived infidelity and even thrived afterward.

So fun to listen to

So thankful they shared their story and what helped them. They’re a lot of fun to listen to and I feel like they are such a blessing to my life. Thanks for taking the time to minister to many of us through this podcast!

Nailed it

I’m going through a terrible time right now in my marriage. It’s because of my infidelity. My wife isn’t ready to reconcile & restore our marriage right now. Their story in season 2 gives me hope.

Hope and encouragement

I love to listen to Heather & Rusty’s positive and encouraging words each week. I have learned ways to communicate better in my marriage from their story. Keep up the awesome podcast…it’s helping so many!!

Real Hope

Heather and Rusty could have chosen to keep their marriage work private, but their courage to share with us what they’ve learned along the journey is bringing real life into the light of the true Hope of Jesus and His good plan for all of us in marriage.

Life giving

Love listening to these two share their hearts so vulnerably. It would be easy to keep this part of their lives private, but they choose to share the GOLD and I am so grateful. ♥️

Like seeing the face of God

When the twin brothers, Jacob and Esau, are reconciled after such hurtful and harmful experiences, Jacob responded by saying it is “like seeing the face of God.” Seeing what God has done and is doing through Rusty and Heather is truly like seeing the face of our loving, merciful, gracious God. Thankful for those that poured into their marriage to fill their cup so that they can pour into each of us!


This couple is amazing! They have so much real life relationship insight, relatability, and most importantly a Christian background that fuels marriages away from the crazy cycle and into a very satisfying and love filled marriage. No marriage is perfect or without it’s ups and downs, but they help you manage those obstacles in. Christ-oriented fashion. Cannot say enough wonderful things about this inspirational couple. I’ve listened and re-listened to these podcasts over and over!

Need wisdom?

What an awesome listen! Cant get enough of soaking up the wisdom coming from this Podcast!

Mentors and friends!

Rusty and Heather’s voices are so comforting and their words are honest and gently usher you to truth about the hardships of marriage and the simple encouragement toward a lasting marriage. They’re also short and easy to listen to! Love them!!!

Powerful and truthful help for all marriages

Heather and Rusty are engaging and truthful. They are for n, engaging and supportive of marriage and the hope for fidelity, connection and true partnership that God desires for couples. Well worth the time and energy to invest in your marriage.

Love this podcast !

Short, relatable, inspiring and applicable stories. So amazed by how God is using this couple’s hard story to strengthen marriages across the globe. Love it!!

Beyond Beautiful

Rusty and Heather have shown what true redemption is when it comes from God! Their journey exemplifies genuine love for the ordained gift of marriage! Will NEVER find a truer love for God first and then each other.

Great resource!

What a great couple to learn from! Full of love and genuine care for others! When looking for a resource to grow a Biblical marriage, I definitely recommend!

Highly Recommend!!!

No matter what stage of marriage, this couple takes on the tough topics and shares the grace that all marriages need.

Great podcast!

Wonderful podcast by an amazing couple who have been through it ALL! Their story is truly one of God’s redemptive grace.

Love it!

I love the length of your podcasts. There's such amazing content in a short amount of time. I can listen while I'm getting ready or cooking dinner. Keep it up guys!


I love that Heather and Rusty always speak from a place of truth and love, rooted in the Word to guide others in their marriage. The path they’ve walked together is invaluable to help others navigate their marriage journey!