Dec. 6, 2022

You Can Have A Hallmark Movie Marriage

Hallmark Christmas Movies - you either love them or you don't. We seem to have differing opinions in our home. One of us loves them. One of us, well, tolerates them.

There are plenty of things to be cautious about when watching a Hallmark movie. Obviously, they don't normally depict reality. From the perfect settings, to the weather (cue the snow), to the well-behaved children, to the always perfect looking actors and actresses - it's easy to watch a Hallmark movie and fall into the trap of envy. But, let's be honest, Marvel movies aren't reality either. So, you can look beyond some of the faults of Hallmark movies and see them for what they are - a form of "feel-good" entertainment.

The Hallmark movie challenge that we leave for you is to adjust your way of thinking when watching a Hallmark movie this Christmas season. Instead of saying, "I wish I had that kind of relationship," or, "I wish my spouse would do that"...change your mindset to "what a great idea...we could do that." You should actually do whatever romantic gesture you see that sparks your interest (assuming your spouse will appreciate it as well).

Examples: go for a walk, make cookies together, dance, go shopping together, kiss under the mistletoe...the list can go on and on!

We often say, "Anytime you think something special, do it." In this case, anytime you watch/see something special, imitate it!

For the full discussion, listen to Episode 77: How To Have A Hallmark Movie Marriage

Rusty and Heather