March 31, 2022

Marriage Communication Tool - FANOS

If you are a breathing, married human, you have probably struggled to communicate effectively with your spouse. Of course we all go through seasons where communication is better or worse than other times. If we are honest, we can all use additional tools to put in our "Communication Toolbox" to help us better communicate with our spouse.
On a recent episode of The Redeemed Marriage podcast (Episode 45: Tools For Your Communication Toolbox), we shared 3 communication tools to help your marriage. FANOS is one that we learned recently at a marriage mentor training that we attended. This is a tool that can be utilized everyday! As you are working on communication in your marriage, schedule a few minutes at the end of each day to run through the FANOS technique:
F - Feelings - share one emotional word for how you felt most of the day
A - Affirmation - voice one new thing to brag on your spouse about
N - Need - identify one thing you need from your spouse in the next 24 hours
O - Own - share something that you are working on in your life
S - Spiritual Check-In - share about your time with God today, and what you heard God say to you today
Give it a try and let us know how it works for you and your spouse!