Nov. 2, 2022

Give Your Spouse A "Treat"

Halloween has come and gone, but it had us thinking about "trick or treat." Do you know the things that your spouse would consider a "treat"?

We took some time to list a few things that we consider to be a "treat" for each other:

Heather's Treats: (*when Rusty does these things it is a "treat" to Heather)

1. Helping around the house - laundry, dishes, puts sheets on the bed, makes up the bed

2. Taking care of himself - physical exercise and spiritually

3. Taking care of our family

4. Taking care of the kids (especially when they were younger - like bath time, etc.)

5. Open to including other people in our plans/activities

Rusty's Treats: (*when Heather does these things it is a "treat" to Rusty)

1. Initiating sex

2. Flirting

3. Taking care of herself - physically and spiritually

4. Looking good for him (not for other people)

5. Being a good mom

6. Gets excited about being together (without kids)

7. Plans meals for the family

8. Encourages him to do activities for himself

To listen to the full discussion, check out Episode 72: How To Treat (Not Trick) Your Spouse of The Redeemed Marriage podcast.

Rusty and Heather